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As much as we relish in the luxury of the fiber, the animals require the best life and care possible.  First, because all animals deserve it.  Second, only healthy animals free of stress can produce high quality fiber.  Besides the best management practices on your farm, a good veterinarian with camelid knowledge, a mentor experienced with PVs or alpacas are both necessary.  Support groups on social media can be a good compliment widening your support and knowledge base.  Learning to shear your animals or finding a good shearer is a must for animal health.

Though they are rugged animals, a strong shelter is needed to allow PVs to seek cover from wind, rain, snow, and the hot summer sun. Fresh water, a quality orchard grass hay, as well as clean and dry hay storage are basic, yet important requirements for a healthy PV herd.

When breeding Paco-Vicuñas, a basic understanding of Camelid disease, parasitology, and neo-natal health is vital for PV owners to help shape and improve the fiber characteristics of their animals and of the entire North American Paco-Vicuña herd.

Nutrition & Health

Paco-Vicuña is a livestock breed with few complications.   …

Breed Standard

North American Paco-Vicuñas have a slender elegant body, strong guard hairs.  The fiber has…


Adequate shelter is as important as high quality hay.  Though they often choose to stay out in the snow, rain is…

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