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The reason the Paco-Vicuña was imported to the USA was because of the strong similarity in fiber quality to Vicuña, which is considered the finest and most luxurious fiber in the world. When the US breeding started out, the hope was to consistently produce fiber below 20 microns.  Relying on yearly fiber measurements and EPDs, less than 20 years since introduction to the US, the majority of the national herd is maintaining its fineness below 17 microns, all the way down to 12 microns.  The wild Vicuña is 13 microns.  Needless to say, we are very optimistic about the future.  


PVs are bred to exhibit fiber characteristics of Vicuña,  high curvature, low microns, and strong…


Paco-Vicuñas were introduced to the US in 2002.  Since then there has been over 900 animals registered and…

Selection Breeding

North American Paco-Vicuna has already surpassed the initial goals.  The breeding strategies we…

Product Standards

Regardless of which farm produces the fiber, we wanted there to be consistent quality in…

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