What is the Business Potential for Paco-Vicuña?

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Unless you are in a position to properly care for the animals long term without them producing any income, we suggest a solid business plan. While we see the great potential of this breed taht was created to produce luxury fiber to high-end fashion and textiles, natural fibers fall in and out of favor, there are trends and waves of hype, none of which can be anticipated in full.  You might sell raw fiber as individual fleeces to hand spinners and/or fiber artists, develop relationships with – and over time sell in bulk to – designers or producers, or create value-added products for sale on your own or through an intermediary

The Fiber

PVs are bred for fiber characteristics of Vicuña. This presents a long-term value for breeders who commit to the…

The Animals

Paco-Vicuñas are very curious, some will come and greet you, but are not cuddly. There are always…

Breed Standard

North American Paco-Vicuñas have a slender elegant body, strong guard hairs. The fiber has…

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