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The fiber of North American Paco-Vicuna is light, warm, and soft. When people touch the raw fleece, many say “It feels like touching a cloud!” Vicuña is the ancestor of Alpaca. In some regions of the Altiplano the development has not been pushed to the extremes of modern day Alpaca, but maintained more of the Vicuña traits.  In 2002 the import to the US of these animals started and became the foundation of North American Paco-Vicuna.  As long as there have been Alpacas, there have been wild Vicuñas accidentally breeding with the domesticated Alpacas.  Those off-spring are referred to as Paco-Vicuña, and display the same traits that we are breeding for.
The Paco-Vicuna Registry started in 2014 and has 900 animals registered tracing back to the original imports.  We confirm the offspring through DNA testing, to make sure the breed maintains its unique qualities.  We also track the performance of fiber production to guide the future success of the breed.  As North American Paco-Vicuna is bred to provide the best possible fiber, we rely on robust data from fiber testing instead of the show ring to establish this breed.  We hope you are interested in being a part of establishing this breed in its early stages.

The Fiber

PVs are bred to exhibit fiber characteristics of Vicuña,  high curvature, low microns, and strong…

The Animals

Paco-Vicuñas are very curious, some will come and greet you, but are not cuddly. There are always…

Breed Standard

North American Paco-Vicuñas have a slender elegant body, strong guard hairs. The fiber has…

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